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Hi I am about to exchange/complete on a New Build with Barratt Homes in Exeter. A few days before I noticed that the skirting boards in two rooms had mould on them.
I was told it due to condensation and also its because the house have been kept closed i.e not ventilated properly.
I am concern that when I move in the problem with get worse.
I am allergic to mould hence my hestitation to exchange, despite Barratt's assurance that they will do everything to make sure that the mould goes.

Any thoughts?


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What you have been told is correct.
The house sounds as if it is a stock unit and you are buying right on Barratt's year-end hence exchange and complete on the same day.
You should get your new home professioanlly inspected and snagged BEFORE you legally complete.
As it has been "finished" for some time this should not be a problem for Barratt.

Regarding condensation, new homes need to dry out, even now with plasterboard used instead of plaster there is still a lot of water used building a home.
Most new homes have the windows opened by the trades and the heating is running too.
If the weather is hot and the house is finished, it may have been closed for a few months hence the mould.
It can be cleaned off permanently with a bleach solution and Barratt should do this during the re clean before you move in.
The window trickle venst should be left open for at least six months and extractors fans must be used.
You should also air the home when weather allows, assuming Barratt don't make too much dust if it is dry.

I think Barratt are one of the few house builders who do actually care about the quality of the homes they build, but nevertheless get it professionally inspected!