Mismatched Windows?

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Hi we are in the process of buying a house from Bryant Homes.

We reserved our plot in March and at that time the house was already roofed in and had all but 2 sets of windows fitted.

Over several months we were told that the windows were on order from a different company as the one they has been using had gone into liquidation.

Finally our new windows have bee fitted - yet they are not the same profile as the rest of the house! The sashes are thicker and they do not have an equal sight line.

Is this a snagging issue? Will I have a leg to stand on if I demand them to be changed or even accept money of the cost of the house?


It is really difficult to comment without seeing the windows, but a good litmus test is to ask yourself what a "reasonable person" would think, would they notice and would it affect the enjoyment or saleability of the property. If yes, then you will have a leg to stand on?

Let us know how you get on?



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Thanks for your comments.

It's a tough call tbh - my husband was a window fitter for 15 years so to him they stick out like a sore thumb.

This just adds to the catelogue of events of a part exchange with Bryants that has dragged on and on.

We began all this at the beginning of March, Bryant agreed to buy our home and we did a deal with them which we were happy with. We were told the process was simple and that as soon as our house is ready we move.

During March we had the survey from Bryants on our property and it came back with loose artex on the landing and we were told to make good. I refused as I claimed it is a decorative issue and not structural and I would not be spending anymore money on my current property. They then told me I had signed a document agreeing to works to be undertaken, to which I said I am now unsigning it - so stick it! With that I received a letter from head office telling me that I no longer had to do the work.

After the survery, came HIPS then two estate agents with numerous appointments to do floor plans and photos etc - all of which we had to rearrange work for.

3 Weeks later we had had 29 viewings - we were worn out with it all, only to be told the house was sold - no contact only me pressuring the estate agents for information.

With that I called there head office and blasted the part exchange co-ordinator.

During all this time we had read in our contract that we were not premitted to erect a garden shed in the back garden with permission from Bryant, we would have to submit plans and pay a fee!

We were asked to exchange and with the above in mind I told them NO! This issue was pushed around for weeks - in the end I forced my hand and told them that if I did not get a letter from they stating I could erect a shed in my garden then the deal was off.

Of course this came after several rewrites.

Coming right up to date - my house is now back on the market. Bryants never bothered telling me.

My new house is slowly being 2nd fixed and my oven and hob went in on Monday only to be the wrong color!

My mortgage offer runs out on the 31st Oct - after that I am in trouble! Any comments and advice about breaking my contract are welcomed OR how I can get them to move things along at a somewhat faster pace.


You need to check your contract with regard to backing out - it should state what you are liable to pay. Sounds like you are not having much fun.

It would be advisable to let the builder know your situation so they can consider assigning more resource to getting your house finished - might be worth getting your solicitor to do this for you.

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