Minimum Notice on Move In Date?

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Does anyone know if there's a minimum notice period on the actual completion date?

We were originally quote 14th July as our move in date, but this has been push back to 31st July, then 10th August and now 25th August.

They said that they're aiming for certificates to completed on the 18th August, so assuming that goes well does that mean we only have one weeks notice to get ourselves moved in?

Short notice period doesn't really give us much chance to get furniture and move in vans sorted.


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We have recently moved in on a 7 day notice. We only did this as it was benifical for both parties, we had to move out of our rented accommodation. I'm sure if you had that much of a problem with it you could ask the developer to have the full two weeks.
And as far as a minimum completion notice, you'll most probably be issued with a 14 day one, but the solicitors will work for the 7 days.

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notice period under normal conditions is 10 working days , 2 weeks

from the issue of the CML certificate by the warranty inspector , however if both parties agree this can be shortened