Miller Homes delays, where do we stand?

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Any advice would be appreciated....

We reserved a new Miller home on 8th August 2015 and the anticipated legal completion date was set for the 27th November 2015. (this was specified on the plot reservation form)

To cut a long and boring story very short, we are still waiting to move in and have been told that it "should" be February, but we havent been given a date. Our mortgage offer expires on the 14th Feb.

The delays have apparently been put down to them being unable to get their hands on the stone needed to build the house and the weather delayed the crane to get the roof sorted.

Miller give themselves 2 months from the given completion date to cover any delays but they are going to exceed this.

We are currently renting and therefore have some flexibility over when we move. Would these delays have happened had we sold our house and be pushing to move in??

I emailed them on 9th December expressing my dissatisfaction and only got a response after i chased and chased.

So now we have a meeting with the site sales person and her manager on Saturday. We have asked for a good will gesture from them, what should we be asking for (if anything?)

Any help and advice would be appreciated.