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We are seriously considering buying a new-build on a development called Watermills in Lancashire - built by LSL, we are currently living in the London area where we're from - but are sick to death of renting & want to buy (and as everyone knows - property is cheaper "up north", we certainly cannot afford to buy down here), but of course we need to do as much research as possible to establish whether or not this company is reputable & provides good quality housing (I'd never even heard of them before); the particular house we are interested in is a 2 bedroom terraced priced at £169,950. According to Companies House LSL was incorporated in 2014 & until 2018 was known as Repartir Ltd.
builders are notorious for changing names , and using SPV s ....special pupose vehicles to hide behind for tax reasons or avoid liability on a project

just make sure you are protected in contract and you have a good warranty

use a good solicitor not a conveyancer and continue to ask questions

on the flip side

small builders generally produce better quality homes ...but are rubbish at customer service afterwards


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It’s the right move to get a good house survey in this case. You want to know all possible hidden flaws and the realistic price of the house.
Getting a solicitor is a good idea, too, especially regarding the juridical part of the deal. Just be careful and pay attention to small details. There’s a possibility of getting a good house for not that much money.
Newbuildinspections is right; small builders might not be good with customer service but might still offer good housing. If you manage to get a house with a large attic, you might even get a loft conversion later. I got mine from Loft conversions London, and now there’s much more space in the house.
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