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Ummm where do i start

Bought a house from Lovells on one of these shared ownership schemes well actually bought from Housing Association, supposidly brand new! turns out it a heap of ****!!!

Draughs and excessive air leakage, no underfloor vents, wrotting windows, wonky floors, doors that don't fit properly, front doors that don't lock, house not complete by any means, boundary problems ie giving away my garden to next door, electrical faults, i.e., boiler incorrectly wire, oh and I have have damp aparently.
Can't bore you with too much detail yet it appears that my so called Brand new House has seven A4 pages of defects., doesn't have a building control completion certificate and and there may well be a breach of planning.

with moving in 6 weeks after giving birth by cesarian section the last 18 months have been nightmare., don't want to live here, hate the house, too many problems.

report problem to housing association
they report to 'employers agent'
who then change to suit themselves or change defect and then report to buildes.
At end of day your stuck not getting anyway, everyone blaming everyone else and nothing getting done
Oh and as for NHBC! - just as bad as the builders!!

Oh well had my moan for today


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ITV Documentary

Dear Mazza,

I recently came across your post with regards to your property and the number of problems you are currently facing.

I am contacting you from ITV 1 with regards to a first time buyer primetime property programme we are currently producing due to be broadcast early next year.

The programme will explore several stories where first time homeowners are facing difficulty surrounding planning issues, building/structural problems and financial challenges.

The programme will explore each issue from the point of view of the homeowners and follow any on-going developments that occur – and offer expert advice where appropriate – in the pursuit of a fair resolution for the home owners.

Like many of the cases we are documenting, our involvement and media coverage - which is very much from the homeowners perspective - does hold a significant punch and can often be instrumental in resolving property disputes.

It would be great if we could discuss your difficulties as part of our research and whether they have been resolved. I hope to hear from you shortly.

Kind regards,

Louis Grover