Lovell Carlisle Site

Bought a house in august 2015 in there Carlisle, Parkside development.

Its our first house and was a dream actually getting onto the property ladder.

Iam self employed plasterer of 16 years and a perfectionist. Although around showhome i noticed some poor workmanship i did make my concerns shown to sales team and site manager they put me at ease.

So the snagging list has been endless and gets bigger everyday, And very little gets done and they promise it will be done and were coming tomorrow at such and such, You wait in all day and no one shows.

Snagging list at the minute is kitchen getting pulled apart and restarted due to shoddy fitting

Front door has lots of movement at bottom of door which has been replaced twice due to dents and scratches, (This door has had a plastic surgeon paint the bottom which is horrendous)

Bath edge in middle keeps cracking (again plastic surgeon was meant to fix but clearly see his paint and if you lean on with any weight at all the crack still there)

Very bad creaks from floorboards upstairs

Ensuite fan was leaking water everywhere (I checked in loft and pipe was tumble dryer pipe 4.5 metres long to a roof tile) They have now put insulated pipe but fan cannot physically push it through such a long pipe, Trying to get them to move roof tile

The plastering is horrendous but they said NHBC standard (i will reskim areas as time goes by)

Finishing touches are terrible and iam devastated and wish if they could buy it back i would snap there hand off

Only bought new build as thought it would be easy and would need nothing done.

But at present i am stressed and never get stressed, My main bedroom is not in use so sleeping with daughter due to my expensive carpets are up and wardrobe sitting on bed etc to prove to them floorboards are moving and poorly fitted.

Sorry for long rant people i will post some pics soon.
Also many more on site are not happy which is a great shame as its a lovely cul de sac and houses look good but not sure how long everyone will stay due to all the issues and workmanship.

Just incase any management of Lovell read these my name is Mr Jackson, Plot 21, Parkside, Carlisle