LINDEN HOMES No Quality control


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Linden Homes Chiltern division do not care. Flooding and garden subsidence, paving cracked, Karndean flooring laid on damp concrete and coming up. Brick wall out of line by 30mm and outside NHBC tolerances etc.
Linden part of Galliford Try built these houses too quickly to make fat profits. How difficult is it to build a straight wall ! These defects can never be put right but Linden refuse to pay compensation.
Galliford Try CEO Mr Fitzgerald is a director of NHBC. Say no more about Spanish practices off plan now in the uk.


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All house builders don't care. It's a sad fact. they ALL build too quickly to get figures, profits and bonuses and that is what they ALL only care about.
Write to your MP and ask for a New Homes Ombudsman and proper regulation to protect new home buyers.

Linden have really gone the extra mile to be even outside the NHBC tolerance for a wall being straight though.
The good news is it can be put right, the wall can be knocked down and re built.
Insist on that rather than trying to get compensation for a job badly done!