Linden Homes - Feedback wanted.


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Linden Homes are part of Galiford Try and in 2012 built 3,039 new homes and won just 10 NHBC Quality awards.

Linden is now Britain's sixth biggest hiouse builder by volume.

So come on all you Linden owners, lets have some feedback here.

And mods, let's have a separtate Linden catagory too.


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Started the process of buying with them but they pulled out as they said our mortgage was taking too long!! Found them very difficult to deal with and quite rude but that could have just been the local staff we were dealing with. Quite glad we aren't buying with them now. Can't comment on the quality of their houses of course!


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Most house builders set a 28 day exchange deadline.
If you havent got your mortgage arranged by then they can pull the plug.
It is unlikley most would do this in the current climate, they must have had another buyer who was ready to go and would pay a bit more perhaps.
House builders all treat their customers with contempt, it is amazing that people still buy new homes.

Regarding Linden, I am surprised this "4 star rated" house builder has not generated more posts on this forum.
Not exaclty topping the NHBC Quality Awards table either with a TOTAL of just 22 over the last 6 SIX years!
Comparable sized builders win that many every year!


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I'd also be interested to read any customer feedback about Linden, as I'm struggling to find much at all! Anybody out there?


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Here is some information about Linden Homes.

Until they were taken over by Galiford Try they were quite small builder by national standards. However, they have expanded and increased the number of new homes they build to around 3000 a year 5th biggest by volume - still small beer compared to Barratt, Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey. This may explain the current lack of posts about buyer's problems with their Linden new home.

But.............they don't win many NHBC Quality Awards just 6 this year, not as pathetic as Persimmon (13) but not very many all the same.
They are also rated just 4 stars in the HBF customer satisfaction survey keeping Persimmon and Crest company as the only major national house builders not to be given five stars in 2013! In fact they have only managed 5 stars once, in 2010.


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Thanks, NewHomeExpert. Yes, I read during my research last night that Linden was only rated 4 stars in the HBF survey and that its site managers have only won 6 NHBC Quality Awards between them this year. However, the site manager of the development I am looking at is one of those 6 winners. In your opinion, would you say it is better to judge a development by the quality of its site manager or the overall reputation of the company?


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It is the site manager that actually builds the home - not the house building company!
If the site manager has enough pride, passion and drive to achieve an NHBC Quality Award with one of the lesser rated 'poorer' house builders he must be good.
You need to be absolutely sure he is not going to leave the site or Linden or get promoted anytime before your developent is finished.
Once the winners list is published, he will be appoached by recruitment agency parasites and promised all sorts of riches to jump ship to another house builder.

Regarding the reputation of the house builder, it is always going to be better to buy from house builders with a good reputation (however hard they are to find!) rather than those with bad reputations, even if the site manager is actually really good.
Remember that it is the company, not the site manager you will be dealing with once the development is built.

Whatever you do, if you buy any new home you should get it professionally and independently snagged and inspected no matter how good the site managers appears to be!


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Linden Homes North.

I bought this 4 bed detached home called a Linton from Linden Homes North in North Yorkshire in April 2013.

IMHO this company does not warrant a 4 star rating. If it does, then some of the more well known new house builds must be really dire.

The last time I bought a new build house was 35 years ago from George Wimpey and I said then, never again would I buy a new house.

However, my daughter bought a new Persimmon house in North Yorkshire and I was impressed with the sound insulation coupled with today’s thermal insulation (my now being retired) I was concerned about utility costs and thought, well they appear to have improved standards. I'll go for this detached new build from Linden Homes North. The sales agent proudly promoted their 4 start rating saying, that Linden were trying to be a 5 star builder, how stupid was I to believe a sales person.

We bought off plan, to cut a long story short, never again.

Although the house was called a Linton, the nearest Linton show house was on another development which we viewed and thought, it would be OK for us.

Well this Linton is 30sqft smaller in area than the show house was. It doesn't sound much, but when we saw our completed new house for the first time, we were immediately struck by how significantly closer the landing wall was to the top stair, totally losing the spacious appearance we experienced at the show house. The reason was, the location of the airing cupboard which had increased equipment inside to take the thermal solar panel equipment had been moved and was an alteration to the specification.

Naturally, as one expects, there were numerous snagging issues when a large builder utilises numerous couldn't care less trades, brought in at the cheapest cost. Cutting corners to build only to the MINIMUM British standard as Linden's priority is, to maximise profits, bolster share value and pay big director bonuses and with this sort of company, one is going to expect corners being cut and it looks like they have with my house. I didn't expect a new build house to be so bad in 2013.

We noticed straight away, when using the downstairs cloakroom toilet for the first time, you could hear EVERYTHING LOUD AND CLEAR, both in the dining area and the lounge which are on the opposite walls to the toilet.

We registered our complaint with Lindens' we thought surely they've not used any sound insulation in the walls.

They came and cut a hole in the plaster board, took a photograph of the block work used, referred to their drawings and concluded it was to specification.

I remained dissatisfied, I demonstrated to them how clearly you could hear what was being done in the toilet, to which they agreed, it did sound somewhat louder than expected. Even so, they were not prepared to do anything as it met their specification.

I contacted the NHBC to call upon their Resolution service.

A surveyor was sent, a larger hole cut in the plaster board wall, photographs taken, and deemed to comply with the MINIMUM British Building standards in their use of Hanson Thermalite Block 100mm thickness rated at 42db, the minimum being 40db.

They took no account that the toilet sits on a block and beam floor and the sounds of using the toilet are being transmitted, (in fact I would say amplified) into the floor making it clearly audible to others in the house (the term I believe is called flanking).

The situation we are left with makes the toilet unusable if there is any one else in the house, I don't want to be crude about it, but no one wants to hear, plops and a full flow peeing whilst entertaining guests to dinner.

NHBC are still totally useless for house buyers, they have clearly been of little use to us. It's a marketing tool for the benefit of the builder, like so many warranties, barely worth the paper they are printed on.

So one has to say, why is the sound insulation so poor in a 4 bed detached house, when my daughters mid terraced two bed house had such good sound insulation.

It appears Part E of the building regulations for sound insulation are more for adjoining properties such as flats.

An expensive 4 bed detached employs theoretical construction techniques and are not tested.

Be warned Linden Homes look good, appear well finished but it's only on the skin, all style and no substance.

There is little difference from any other mass builder, just 100mm block and dry lined plaster board with absolutely NO sound insulation what so ever.

I had a relative over from Germany who is an architect and she was shocked at the appalling building standards in England.

So I'm back to where I was 35 years ago, I'd never buy a new build home, specifically a Linden Home ever again.
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I've just joined this site after almost 2 years of trying to get Linden Homes to honour their guarantee.

We have also set-up a facebook page (Jago Close) with our neighbours to highlight the unresolved issues which are common between the other residents on this development. Organising a campaign like this is quite daunting, but any input would be welcome. We brought-in the local press who wrote an article a couple of weeks ago 002.jpg and this seems to have got the attention of Linden Homes - they have now written to all of us here with an action plan to complete the road.

Hopefully Linden Homes will now make good & sort-out their defective workmanship on my property.

The facebook page has been set-up as an open forum, so please join us.


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I've just joined this site after almost 2 years of trying to get Linden Homes to honour their guarantee.

We have also set-up a facebook page (Jago Close) with our neighbours to highlight the unresolved issues which are common between the other residents on this development. Organising a campaign like this is quite daunting, but any input would be welcome. We brought-in the local press who wrote an article a couple of weeks ago View attachment 141 and this seems to have got the attention of Linden Homes - they have now written to all of us here with an action plan to complete the road.

Hopefully Linden Homes will now make good & sort-out their defective workmanship on my property.

The facebook page has been set-up as an open forum, so please join us.

First things first, no builder gives a "guarantee".
Most give a "warranty" and there is a difference!
You would be better joining an existing Facebook Group like Unhappy New Home Owners
You should also post your Linden Horror stories on as many forums as you can. Like this one Linden Forum!
Don't discount he power of TWITTER too. put @lindenhomes in each tweet. They will see it and they won't like it and there is nothing they can do!
Best of all set up a blog and write about the problems you have and what if anything Linden do about them.
It is only when others are aware of issues with certain builders that sales targets are missed then something will get done to improve quality.
The problem is, it is not like stopping going to Tecso, people only buy one new home and usually just once.
The never ending supply of new naive unaware customers, mean house builders can get away with building poor quality homes and giving terrible after sales service.
It all takes time (I should know!)


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Linden homes sound, creaking issues - NHBC / BRE site visit take note

This sounds like our Lindens development...they've been caught out on not putting in sound insulation in.....but they won't replace the floors of many of our houses which are suffering from what appears to be poor workmanship when laying the floors....they initially told someone people who complained that it was just them no one else....but when my neighbours all started talking and working together we found out it was all of us that were having the same major structural issues.... we're now starting to make some movement on getting this sorted.....they may try and cut watch them like hawks where possible....when they say they'll bring in people like the BRE/NHBC as 'independents' to determine if work needs to be done e.g. replaceing water damaged and cracked floor boards, un-glued floor boards etc etc ...make sure they confirm in writing the BRE/NHBC write their reports to you.....the home owner so they are liable (NOT Lindens) ...and make sure Lindens have in writing they will provide all plans floors / structural joist as well as specs joists / floors at the time of inspection with any BRE/NHBC person in... (After all they are being paid by Lindens) as you'll surprisingly find the BRE/NHBC may not be able to determine whether tongue and grove boards should be glued together ...whether joists should be in the right place..using the right hangars....etc etc... That could result in an inconclusive report and Lindens ultimately not committing to replacing your very expensive floors and just getting a local contractor to screw everything their do not let them into your house if you do not have in writing that the BRE/NHBC will be writing their report to you....and if Lindens do not produce the plans and Manu specs during their ready and prepared for Lindens

...I am appalled how this scandalous industry off Great's to the Scandinavians and can withhold payments if the developer doesn't build to a high standard.

As for the customer service useful as a chocolate tea pot!


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You would have thought, given the obscenely high profit increases all the plc house builders are enjoying, thanks to taxpayer-funded subsidies such as "Help to Buy" the CEOs of these companies would at the very least, having FAILED to build anything like even "reasonable" quality new homes, they would have a customer service department that was proactive and up to the job.

Your experience is typical of both Linden Homes and sadly common with most of the UK large national house builders.
Basically, if you buy a new house, whoever builds it, expect problems, and expect house builders to delay and do everything thye can to avoid doing anything about the problems.

It is true that most manufactures require the TGV chipboard (which should be Moisture resistant and at least 18mm and better 22mm thick) to have glued joints.
There is also clear an unambiguous standards both NHBC and manufacturers regarding length and type of fixings used and keeping the flooring dry whilst the house is being built. Some of the better sites even glue the flooring to the joists although I am not a fan of this as should there be any issues joists would be damaged getting the flooring up. It is also essential that you and anyone inspecting the joists have the manufacturer's design as this trumps everything else.

If, as seems highly likely, Linden have not followed design and good practice guidelines, it is highly unlikely to be restricted to just one house.
The same carpenter(s) would repeat the same mistake or short cuts over and over again.
And the site manager obviously either doesn't check the work on his site or does not know what he is looking at if he does!
It just shows that Linden employ bad site managers and don't care when their buyers find problems.


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In 2013 I too had the misfortune to buy from Linden north. The internal finish is substandard and our external rendering has several large cracks. Customer service NOT interested. Man has been twice in a year to take photos. WHOOPPEE. Customer service is absolutely diabolical. Our last email to them (to the office girl) had a reply which was sent to us back by mistake instead of being forwarded to their quality manager went by the words of. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO REPLY TO THIS D...HEAD!!!!
Daughter recently bought from CYDEN. Totally different experience. They are to be commeneded for their people and attention.
Lesson to be learnt - avoid LINDEN HOMES


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In 2013 I too had the misfortune to buy from Linden north. Customer service is absolutely diabolical. Our last email to them (to the office girl) had a reply which was sent to us back by mistake instead of being forwarded to their quality manager went by the words of:
Lesson to be learnt - avoid LINDEN HOMES

That just shows everyone the utter contempt house builders have for their "customers"
Its not just Linden though! A Taylor Woodrow (now Taylor Wimpey) Construction director once instructed me to "give the bastards nothing"

I would love a copy of this e mail. Please forward via my website e mail "Contact Us"
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Does anyone know if cracked and water damaged TGV 22mm thick floor boards fail to meet NHBC standards or building regs for smoke......I recall reading somewhere ....that cracked boards and boards with holes will allow smoke through the flooring and doesn't meet the build standards for one or the other........but can't remember where....apologies for being vague.



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Never mind smoke, 22mm TGV chipboard is water resistant not waterproof and it should not have got so wet it is damaged or bowed.
This alone would mean the NHBC would require it to be replaced.
I am assume Linden are doing the "usual" fobbing you off and not prepared to replce it?
Write to the NHBC and ask them to assist you.

As for fir and smoke, holes are allowed up to 32mm diameter on a fire compartment wall or floor.
I think cracked boards would be acceptable for fire (as charring would close the cracks) but I am afraid they would not comply for structural integrity.
You may find you bed ends up in the your lounge!


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We purchased our first home in January 2015.

We cannot begin to detail the extensive list which is now on its way to becoming a novel of errors, omissions, and down right idiots that we have encountered in our 10 month journey so far.

We can only assume that like us many Linden Home Owners have not the time to update forums like these as they are too busy every evening trying to tackle the latest problem they have encountered, which when dealing with Linden Homes can take hours out of your day to even begin to get someone with any know how to correctly deal with your issue.

We encountered problems from day one with sales staff, one was sacked and replaced by an equally incompetant sales exec who also then disappeared during the process. They had absolutely no knowledge of the site they worked on and we feel like it was in fact us who persuaded them to sell the house to us. We should have walked away at this point. However we were in love with the design and location and had read a few reviews of Linden saying customer service wasn't great but no complaints build wise so thought we were safe to continue. How wrong we were.

Our biggest horror came when we attended our new home demonstration the day before legal completion only to be told the property was not even in a fit state for us to enter for the demo let alone move in the next day. We had travelled long distances seperatly to attend this meeting and booked time off work to be told that news the penultimate working day before Christmas. Why we had not nor our solicitors been updated sooner we do not know. However there was little shame on behalf of Linden Homes.

This is where the list becomes to long and detailed to continue fully; there was not a room in the house that didn't have a major problem but an example is our bathroom. Alongside all usual snags we experienced 5 separate leaks some of which resulted in water pouring into the kitchen below. This was a nightmare to fix and to this date we still have had no real apology or aknowlegdement of how poor the workmanship was. We are now in our 7 month of living here and at the end of the month we are having our bath ripped out and replaced due to poor workmanship that was pointed out prior to us moving in.

We are aware from neighbours that dispite Linden being aware of horrendous bathroom errors in our house and it being suggested it was fluke or just bad luck they have had the exact same problems, with all 3 of our immediate neighbours having water coming through into their kitchens.

As I mentioned, we have now been living in the property for 7 months; We have only this week got our gas account set up due to Lindens errors, are still experiencing difficulties with our water account and still have outstanding issues of which some were reported months ago.

Our only advice to any prospective buyer is DONT DO IT. And in the words of my neighbour 'if I could sell the house back, I would do it in an instant'!


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Linden Homes St Clements Thieves

I booked an apartment through them at St Clements at Mile End London in April 2015. They accepted my deposit and then 2 months created a story that my block of apartments was sold to a financer who refused to honour the price. They launched the same block at £125,000 more. Since I was desperate and wanted the apartment at the same block they agreed to knock off 50K from my price to which I agreed. When I went to pay the deposit they hiked the price by another 5K. Ridiculous and this comes to none other than their MD Trevor Dempsey. No wonder they say a fish always rots from the head. If this is the ethics the MD demonstrates God help the organisation. Stay away from them at all costs. They are thieves and have no ethics whatsoever. Spoke to an estate agent who confirmed that the story of the block being sold to a financer is a bunch of rubbish and was created to get out of commitments they had made