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Rest assured the ICO will do something about it.
It could take them a year to do so but they will!
The DPA is a very important piece of legislation and action will be taken by the ICO against firms like LINDEN HOMES that refuse to comply!


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Finally got a response from Linden! After threatening them with ICO.

In summary it said that all of the stuff which was not electronically stored (i.e signed reservation contract and credit card details) were shredded at the site. They gave me an electronic version of the contract (which does still show the agreed sales price and my chosen solicitors!) and a printout from a call/email logging system which only shows call/emails (made to me only, not within the company) I received up until the point of reservation, nothing after :(

The end I think ?


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Somehow, I can't believe that the ONLY COPIES of the Reservation Form (they are usually carbonated in 3 or 4 copies!) were:
1) Only kept on site and 2) Shredded.
They obviously had dealings with you AFTER reservation and continue to breach the Data Protection Act by not giving you copies of all the requested and applicable information, which should include copies of e mails between members of their regarding your reservation both before and after!
They are clearly hiding something!
I would make a complaint to the ICO as I really believe this is quite serious!


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I have has a similar experience and wish I had been more forceful - I was told that as it was a part exchange we had to use their solicitors. The contribution towards solicitors costs grew when I suggested our own. I was naiive and used their solicitor. The sales staff then said that they were going to add £5k to the value of each property as it helped to balance the figures. This didn't cause a massive problem for me but surely this sort of behaviour is at the very lleast mis-leading. I suspect this was done to up the average sale price but who knows the truth? I have now filed a Subject Access Request and am intrigued as to what it will say. I suspect there will be large chunks of communication that "weren't recorded".


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I've said it before and I'll say it again:
Clearly with Linden Homes this is a real problem.
They are breaching requirement 2,5 of the Consumer Code for Home Builders.
Any buyer who has suffered as a result should make a claim under the CCHB Adjudication Scheme. the link has more infromation.

Regarding your comment:
"sales staff then said that they were going to add £5k to the value of each property as it helped to balance the figures"
If this is the case this would be FRAUD!
Either the sales staff are falsifying their returns to increase their own commissions or the company is deliberately trying to increase figures for its financial regulatory year-end reports. If this is the case it would have very serious repercussions for Linden Homes and any director that was party to it.
Any falsification of sales (turnover), profit margins and average selling prices to deliberately mislead the stock market to inflate the share price is a very serious matter.

As far as a home buyer is concerned I have to question why anyone would put up with this as surely it would mean they pay [at least] another £50 in Stamp Duty on the purchase perhaps another £150 at 3%?


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Linden Homes offered to cover the extra in Stamp Duty as they were paying the rest of the Stamp Duty as an incentive so from that point of view I was unaffected and wasn't bothered. Like I have said I was naive.

Certainly now I have looked into it more my eyes are certainly OPEN.

Linden Homes are an absolute shambles - the right arm doesn't know what the fingers are doing let alone what the left arm is doing. Any new customers please take note.


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I have contacted Andrew Richards Linden's Group managing director and copied the CEO Greg Fitzgerald in on the e mail as this is very serious matter, with potentially serious consequences for Linden and perhaps their directors.
The reply [so far] was "Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have referred this to our company solicitor."

A Linden buyer on twitter said his house was increased by £50,000!
It will be interesting to see how this is "explained" by Linden's solicitor.


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Andrew Richards replied a week later informing me he had passed the matter to Linden's company solicitor.
After chasing an answer again yesterday, I finally received this e mail sent on behalf of Peter Carr, Company Solicitor, Linden Homes

Dear Sir

Referring to your emails dated 24th June (07.46) and 1st July (08.43) your comments are noted.

You may be assured that this Company takes both your allegations and compliance with all regulatory requirements very seriously, as it does the question of defamation.

The email to you from Andrew Richards dated 28th February (5.42) sets out the Company’s position in terms of compliance, which I reiterate. The Company has a clear internal policy on the subject.

The Company will respond fully to formal complaints received from its customers in person

Yours faithfully

Peter Carr

There you go then! As Andrew states in his reply of 28 February:
"Linden Homes does not coerce purchasers to use, or not to use, particular conveyancers and it is fully acknowledged that purchasers must have a free choice."

So why are some Linden new home buyers saying they are being forced to use a certain solicitor?
And why are at least two saying that Linden "were going to add £5k to the value of each property as it helped to balance the figures"?
I am not sure whether the threat of "defamation" was being aimed at myself or those that originally made the allegations in this thread.
Either way, the statement "adding £5k to the value to help balance the figures" has not so far been answered at all by anyone at Linden!
Perhaps the regulators, will have more success in getting to the bottom of this!
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