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Can anyone help me? I've just completed on my new build and whilst there are a number of snagging issues that need to be completed as and when, one of the main things is that they've added the light switch to the kitchen in the only space available for a Fridge freezer. I've pointed this out to the developer who said that it has been designed like this on purpose and is not a fault. He was adamant that all new properties that this feature.

I've never heard of this before and think they are trying to fob me off! Has anyone ever experienced anything like this and how much should I push for them to move the light switch to another wall? It's a simple job to move as the property has not been painted and there are currently no carpets.

Should I ask the builders to do it and then pass the bill to the developers?


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Hi Wheatley, Got soem hopefully useful advice for your problem, ask to see the ELECTRICAL LAYOUT DIAGRAM and the KITCHEN LAYOUT DIAGRAM for your house model and compare your kitchen with where the electrical sockets are shown. They sometimes change kitchen layouts and may have forgotten to change all the electrics.


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You should most definitely get the light switched moved.
Even if it is shown in this position on the plans doesn't make it right.
The intransigence of the site manager at this stage should concern you.
Ask him if he wants the customer from hell of a "Yes" to Q1 in the 8 week survey?
He will then move the light switch!


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When you reserved the house you should have signed to say that you were shown the electrical layout drawings. Ask to see the drawing you signed off. If the switch is not in the position on the diagram then it should be moved and even if it is you can argue that the switch in that place is not fit for purpose and the drawing should be revised. Sadly I find that electricians are a bit of a law unto themselves, they don't always take notice of drawings and there is often so specific measurements suggesting where the switches and sockets should be other than height wise.