Leak on Incoming Water Supply

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Good morning,

I recently had a visit from my local water company, United Utilities (UU). They were in my area where there are a lot of new build estates. They were looking for water leaks on properties and when at my house they used a long metal rod to listen to the pipes inside and outside.

Unfortunately, there does seem to be a small leak between my outside stop tap (located just outside my front door) and the stop tap under my kitchen sink. This looks to run directly underneath the hallway, lounge and kitchen. There are no physical signs of any water leak in or around my home. I have only been made aware of the leak due to UU doing the spot visit (mentioned above)

The rep from UU tried to notify the housebuilder directly to repair the leak, but this request was flatly refused as the house was now out of its 2 year initial warranty. As the property is 2 and a half years old, I contacted NHBC who have said incoming utilities are not covered by their warranty. Does this sound correct?

The water company UU have asked that I repair the leak within 10 days and after speaking to them further they say that eventually, they may take legal action as there is water being wasted. Also, I am concerned as to the damage any water leak may be doing to the foundations, etc... of the property.

As far as the buildings insurers go, they have said as there is no proven physical damage, they cannot support a claim.

In summary, it isn't clear as to why or when the leak occurred. however, neither the developer, insurers or NHBC are willing to assist.

Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.