Jones Homes - Emerson Group e-mail address for Chairman?

Discussion in 'Other developers' started by catface, Nov 20, 2014.

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    Hi, anyone got the e-mail address of Peter Emerson Jones OBE
    Chairman, Jones Homes - The Emerson Group ?
    Apparently, the 33 cracked cills out of 52 in my new apartment block are acceptable. I want him to be made aware of what my complaint is, as I am continually being fobbed off by Jones Homes

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    Peter Emerson Jones is Chairman. You could start with and then try variations of the chairman's name peter.jones@ pjones@ etc until one doesn't come back as undelivered.

    Or you could phone and ask. 01625 588400

    He won't help you, CEOs and chairman of house builders never do, they just pass it down the line to the managers who are causing you the problems now.

    But at least he may read what you think.
    Tell your story and shame them on Twitter and Facebook too.
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