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James Dunham

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I'm a reporter at ITV News Meridian and am keen to highlight the issues with new builds/leaseholds. I'd be keen to hear your experiences with your developer and your tenant management companies, with the aim of putting together a report to highlight the problems.

Please do email me, my email address is

As I cover the Meridian region I'm only looking to hear from people who live in the South East, South or Thames Valley.

While I'm looking for people happy to share their experiences on camera, I'd also like to hear from those who are not, just to get a sense of how big the problems are in this part of the world. Please also tell me where you are emailing from! Thanks, James

annoyed buyer

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living in a taylor wimpey thing in west Oxfordshire, for last over 7 1\2years, NEVER AGAIN! damp, disgusting mould, noise transference is horrendous. lifting/crumbling plasterboard on the walls, every single year these things have been a problem. Few months ago we then find out that although t.wimpey claim each stage is checked by the NHBC also on completion, the nhbc finally confirmed they checked foundations and drainage only, nothing else. because they were not told to. So no one bothered to check insulation, damp proofing, sound proofing, plaster board applied properly and secured. plaster and so on. no one bothered.