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We bought a Persimmon new build house in December 2016. We asked the site manager if drainage had been installed in the garden and he confirmed that it had. When we moved in the garden had not been rotovated. It was rotovated summer 2017.

We laid turf on the garden, putting some topsoil down at the same time. We always have issues with rainwater draining away in the garden - we have to wear wellies most if not all of the year. We complained to Persimmon who ignored us until we were out of the 2 year warranty.

So we then complained to NHBC. NHBC Standards for the year our house was built state that "100mm topsoil should be laid" and "drainage characteristics of soil restored". NHBC have stated that they would do nothing unless the garden had water sitting on top of it for a period of time within 3m of the house.

I got NHBC and Persimmon out to the house and a part of the garden was dug to expose clay which is why the water cannot drain away properly. Clay does not have the characteristics of soil. NHBC said that the points that are in their "Standards" are only guidance and there is no requirement for the builder to adhere to them.

This does not seem right? Any advice would be appreciated. The garden really gets us down tbh.

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This is a common issue ...and s common response from the nhbc

What's the point in having standards and then calling them guidelines
Appeal the decision .....


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You are not the first one who has experienced this issue, and it makes me believe NHBC’s standard doesn’t mean anything anymore. That’s why I suggest checking everything thoroughly before purchasing because it’s the only way to be sure about things. You can even hire a landscape company like Vancouver Landscapes to check the lawn for you. They can do it much faster than you yourself, and the results are more reliable. They can also suggest you possible solutions for the garden and what you can do to make it look better than it is. Professional advice is always better when choosing things like a house.
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