Incorrectly installed drainage causing problems.

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Hello, I'm after some guidance ,if anyone can help that is.

Hi, we have recently become aware of a serious drainage issue at our home, The property is 7 years old, we’ve lived in it for 4 years. (So not exactly your typical new snagging issue!) However the house is still under 10 year warranty.

This morning we've had a drainage engineer put a camera in all the drains around the house. The results are quite alarming. It turns out the kitchen sink is plumbed into the rear soak-away of the property meant for storm water and over the period of the last 7 years the soak-away has become clogged with Kitchen waste and grease.

Clearly this is a massive failing from the builders perspective. As you can imagine, this has left us bewildered at the level of professional negligence shown by whoever installed or oversaw the installation of the drains.

What we're trying to work out, is what are our options in terms of remedial works and ultimately, who pays for it!

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1. in the first instance write to the builder telling them what you have discovered .....if they dont play ball then
2 . escalate to your warranty provider ... NHBC etc etc
3. if that fails check you have legal cover on your house insurance , if you do make a claim
4 . if you dont have it or dont want to make a claim, use small claims court its cheap and the standard of proof required is low , you may need to engage an engineer to inspect and produce a report