Impact Noise Problems

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We moved into a new 3 storey Redrow Home 3 years ago and have been having problems with impact noise from our neighbours. We don't hear airbourne noise but when people are going up and down the stairs or running around the upstairs floors the banging sounds like it is within our house to the point where we feel the thuds through our floor boards and ornaments vibrate. We took it up with Redrow and an Inspector from the NHBC came to visit us, but said that as there are no requirements for building regs in terms of impact noise there was nothing they could do. The house is supposed to be built in accordance with Robust Details EWM8. Is there anything we can do to help reduce this noise issue?


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Presumably the noise is coming through the Party Wall.
The wall is built in blockwork and we must assume the right type of blocks were used.
However, as any rectification would involve taking down the party wall and re building it
no one would wish to suggest the wrong blocks were used!
See the detaile here: RobustDetail/E-WM-8

You can check some of the specification by removing a section of finish and block on your side to check the thickness of the block and whether the cavity has been insulated as the detail.
Otherwise, I suspect it will be a workmanship problem see the pdf at the link above.

After three years, unless you reported the issue within the 2-year period, all you can do now is move, or tell your neighbours to keep it down!
If someone is banging you will hear it no matter what the standards are.
Townhouses mean that there is more use of staircases and more noise as a result - one of the many disadvantages of this type of new home!