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I am after a little advice at this stage. We are in the process of exchanging contracts on a new build Persimmon home.

I recently visited and noticed that they have started to build the detached single garage without the promised external courtesy door in the side near the rear. It is now bricked up to the height of the roof.

The sales manager has just come back from holiday and I raised the issue with her. The response was that she is aware of the problem and we will be getting an external courtesy door. Apparently the site manager had a new revised plan without the door (cost cutting?), however head office had neglected to send the same plan to the sales manager - and as she had sold it on the basis of a door being there it would be honoured.

So onto my question, I suspect they are going to cut a hole in the wall (and next door's with the same problem) and then fix the door in the space created. However what I am concerned about is, if this is purely what they do - surely we should have a brick pier built each side of the opening so that there is extra strength given to the wall at these points.

The double garage next door, has been built correctly and you can quite clearly see the brick piers where the door opening is.

I am going in at the weekend, so I intend asking to see the plan again, to see if the brick pier is marked on it - I may also ask if I can see the plan for next doors' double garage at the same time.

If I find that they build no pier, is this acceptable or should I complain and make them build it with a brick pier?

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Assuming you are talking about half brick thick walls, then brick piers are highly necessary!

Not least to give the carpenter something substantial to fix to. If there are no piers they will be constantly coming back to make repairs as the door reveals will not have the necessary strength or stability.


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Many thanks for the reply.

I am indeed talking about a half brick wall - so I will now ensure that a brick pier is built both sides of the opening.

I will clarify the matter with the sales woman this afternoon.