Gladedale Demolishes

Colin Jack

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Bett Homes sister company Manor Kingdom, who are all now under the 'Gladedale' banner, 'took the decision' to demolish two detached villas at Kip Marina, Inverclyde.

Was the decision taken to demolish because even they couldn't do a fix up job? Who knows? At least they didn't take a leaf out of Bett Homes book who do tend to cover significant defects up (see the previous posts about my house). Will we ever get the real story? I doubt it.

One question would be - what were Manor Kingdom doing in between the time of the storm 12 January 07, which brought down a gable end from one of their other buildings at the Kip Marina,

and 17 March 07? Trying to cover the problems up? I wonder?

Bett Homes Customer Care Manager :lol: told me that once the roof was on a house it was structurally sound and could take all loads applied to it including wind load. Obviously not in this case. He never did prove that he was a Structural Engineer or that he was qualified to make such comment.


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The building Gable end that collapsed on 12th January built by Manor Kingdom Gladedale is now being repaired by our Insurance company Manor Kingdom Gladedale refused to repair claiming the building had been passed by Building control and NHBC. The insurers have now strengthened the roof structure with additional cross beams and spcially made strengthening ties. It does not say much for the original approved plans the inspection by building control and NHBC. We appealed to Gladedale the parent company but got no response.

Colin Jack

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This is a classic cop out which, based on my own experience, is only to be expected from Gladedale. But at least someone is repairing the failure. My insurance company have clearly stated that they are not in anyway responsible for defects in the construction process???? This makes me wonder considering that your insurer 'has strengthened the roof structure with additional cross beams and specially made strengthening ties', why are they being put in now and not at the construction stage. Smells very very fishy!?!?!?!

Building Control do not check the structural adequacy of designs, this is the Designer's responsibility and the NHBC have absolutely no jurisdiction in Scotland with regard to Building Standards. Sad but true. I have been led to believe that there have been a number of Building Standards issues with this site, some of which resulted in elements being taken down and rebuilt. So Inverclyde Council have been on the ball in some respects. A Freedom of Information request to Inverclyde Council Building Standards should tell all.

Many people believe that because the local authority have granted the building warrant and there is an NHBC flag outside the showhouse that everything will be fine. Far from it. Local authorities have very limited involvement and are now merely administrative bodies. The NHBC, as stated previously, have no jurisdiction in Scotland and the warranty they provide, in my opinion, is useless. Unfortunately it is the owner who has the most responsibility and this is why buyers are forced to take possession of the property as soon as possible, to transfer all responsibility from the developer to the owner. This is also the reason you will not be allowed access before completion - so you don't pick up any problems. Once you have taken possession trying to get snags fixed will take forever. A familiar story.

What people need to remember is that the drawings submitted to the local authority will be quite different to what is built, there will be no proper supervision on site, Building Standards inspectors will be escorted round the site and shown only the good stuff (which doesn’t take long) and once you have taken possession of the property you are nothing but a pain in the arse to the developer.

Again I refer to Building Note 1/94 issued by the Scottish Executive which states:

“2. The Commissioner for Local Administration in Scotland (the Local Government Ombudsman) has warned, in his Annual Report to 31 March 1993, that house buyers should not rely on council completion certificates as a guarantee of standard of workmanship.�


“3. The Ombudsman feels it is absolutely essential for individuals to obtain proper independent professional advice, since the temptation to take short cuts and minimize costs can prove extremely expensive in the longer term. The many complaints received were linked by a common thread that each had relied on the fact that the local authority had issued a building warrant and completion certificate and believed that these provided a guarantee of standard of workmanship.�

Colin Jack

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The links at the top of this post are not working at the moment.

I have contacted Inverclyde Now who have told me that due to server problems the articles are unavaiable, but assure me that they will be re-posted as soon as they can.

A paranoid person my think that Gladedale had a hand in it, who knows????????


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Gladedale INterdict


I was wondering how you got on with the interdict which they served (or threatened to serve) on you. Did you have to go to court, did you have to pay them anything?

I have been having massive problems with them for the last three years and thought I woulld check with you before distributing copies of a leaf;et I have prepared outside one of their sales offices. Oh, what the Hell! I'm off to Burntisland, or Dunfermline, which ever. But let me know how you got on please and if you care to give me your e-mail address, I will forward a copy to you (I am new to this site and do not know quite how it works...)

Alan Finlayson
Dear Colin Jack

I have personal experience of a garage with living accomodation being condemed.

However does anyone have knowledge of a house being demolished under NHBC guarentee.

I have an NHBC inspector saying in 23 years none have been demolished.
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NHBC guarantee worth the paper it is written on?

I will let you m ake up your own mind, but I have already made up my mine. After my latest issue with Bett Homes, NHBC customer service was only able to tell me that they had brought it to the attention of Bett, but was unable to say tell me exactly by when the problem will be taken care of.....