Genuine E mail from Taylor Wimpey's sub contractor!


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This is a genuine response from one of Taylor Wimpey's sub contractors with regard to sub standard wall tiling! Don't put yourself out mate!

Dear Mr S,

I apologise for taking the liberty to contact you via email.

I am a little disappointed with your comments in your email to Rob of Taylor Wimpey. Yes I was definitely steadfast but never rude (a very surprising comment from someone that uses undisclosed telephone numbers to find out who was calling and pressing to know the identity of the caller, who had already left a polite message which was not listened too). Its not my style to be rude. May I just remind you that during our conversation you have pressed me unreasonably hard to tell you the name of the operative who carried out the tiling. Since I could not find any benefit to you (apart from gossip) knowing the name of the person who carried out the tiling in your property.

I have reiterated several times to you that Z***’s Ceramics Limited has carried out the tiling and I think this should have been sufficient for you. I also disagree with your version of the agreement. Upon your request to make an arrangement after working hours, I have informed you of our working hours and given you five days to choose from, you had mentioned Thursday, upon which I said I will let you know by Tuesday if that is possible.

Since all my operatives and myself had to attend a funeral of our collegue on that Thursday, I have not confirmed the appointment.

Now in order to resolve one outstanding issue which should not take more than 1 hour I am again asking you this time in writing to let me know the date and time suitable to you.

Yours sincerely,

Z*** M********c


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what a joke

It was not funny for the poor Taylro Wimpey home owner.
he has had over 35 days work done in his new home over the last 9 months of hell.
Quite why Taylor Wimpey think it is acceptable that their own customers, act as site managers and arrange their remedial works through Taylor Wimpey's sub contractors directly I dont know. Perhaps it is the ONLY way to get issues attended to?