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Hello all,

Myself and my fiancee are near to exchanging contracts on a new build property being built by Barratt Homes.

I have just come across this forum and we are now doing lots of research.

We would like to get our new home professionally snagged when it is completed in Spring - is there anyone that can be recommended in the Nottinghamshire area?

After looking at the Do's and Don't section I am ashamed to say that the solicitors we are using were recommended to us by the Builder, however they are very local and have been used by my fiancee's family in the past on numerous occasions. Do you experienced people feel that this will be an issue? I am pleased that we stayed away from their mortgage broker however!




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hi i too am in a similar position to Ben and looking for some professionals to provide us with a snagging list. ours is inside M25 south East London.
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"the Do's and Don't section" On this website?

I think you mean this page on my website BTS22.

Yes using the builders pet solicitor is the worst thing you can do. Why do you think they offer to pay legal fees to encourage the unwise to use them?
You are losing control of the process. It can and does end in tears. DO NOT DO IT!


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The builders' recommended solicitor will have a 'conflict of interest' if there's any disputing that may delay the exchange of contract. This happened to me and can be difficult to prove. My advice based on experience would be to change solicitor if possible.

I used New Build Inspections to snag my property and a good percentage of defects and breaches of NHBC technical standards were identified and corrected. The snagging inspection is approx. £400, taken seriously by the builder and can also be used as evidence if required. Also be aware of other snagging inspection companies who may also have conflicts of interest.