Garden Slope Issues with Persimmons

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    Hi all!

    Typical persimmons issue coming up...

    I moved into my 4 bed house last october, during the meeting where we went over the plans they informed us there would be a slight gradient at the bottom of our garden. When we moved in we where greeted with a large slope that we can't let our daughter go down on her own. When we had our NHBC resolution meeting the builders said the solution was 'don't let her out'.

    We have been through the following:

    * NHBC - won't have anything to do with it as they say it is a 'contractual issue'
    * Papers - we where in the Sunday Mail a few weeks ago, persimmons only reply was that they are 'committed to fixing the issues reported by NHBC' .... the problem is NHBC are saying the slope is a contractual issue.
    * Disclosure - we requested all information held about us from Persimmons and got some interesting details. I have attached some of the findings.

    I am wondering if anyone who is a bit more knowledgeable in the building trade can look at the documents and tell me if what is written is what is there?

    I was thinking of the legal action as the last step, but if the slope is what I signed then I wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

    62379375_451096195452414_3727185186543108096_n (1).jpg

    62242722_2151332084915295_6816490424513855488_n (1).jpg


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    See Nhbc chapter 9.2 Gardens

    It can be downloaded from Web

    That is not an easy maintenance job...

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