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7D6AAE51-F281-4C39-8464-90BB62819E58.jpeg We are about to exchange on a new build and have repeatedly raised concerns with the builder about the garden. We wrote to them evidencing lack of preparation of the ground to NHBC standards. The ground was compacted, not rotavated prior to turf laying and there wasn’t the required 100mm of topsoil. We sent many photos showing turf being laid directly onto debris, including set cement pieces, glass, large stones, a mass of growing weeds, etc. A large planter area is full of weeds without topsoil and totally unfit for cultivation. We raised concerns over water logging and insisted they rotavate to restore drainage characteristics. The builder simply replied that they did rotavate and totally ignored our photographic evidence proving they had contravened NHBC standards. NHBC informed us they cannot intervene until completion and we are the legal owners of the property but we really want it sorting out before we move in. Any advice anyone?

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yep got to wait for your paperwork to go through before making a complaint

get an inspection and report from a landscaper , and pay them for thier time , and present it to the builder and the nhbc

if you get no where go to small claims court.

take photos and video , keep all conversations via email so you have evidence

with perseverance you will get there


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Thanks for the advice. We have been confirming all conversations by email and taking photos but will take some video too. It’s disappointing that even a 5 star builder takes shortcuts!


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You should contact qualified lawyers. They will be able to help you deal with paper delays. Moreover, you will get an accurate idea of what is required of you. I faced the same problem last year. The soil and ground were unusable. Although, everything looked different according to the documents. Fortunately, I completed the construction and started looking for lawn edging ideas two months ago. Btw, having my own private house has been my long-standing dream. I am very happy that I managed to implement it.
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I’m in the same boat but mine is actually worse as I’ve got a retaining wall which they haven’t covered so my 100mm of rubble is just falling down the back. Man, these people just don’t care. Can you have the NHBC come down and inspect it? Will they force the builders to take away the rubbish and put down actual top soil?