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Hello All,

Couple of weeks ago, I reserved a mid terrace new build and it has just been handed to the sales agent to fit the carpets/flooring. I was lucky to have a unofficial look at the property.

There were loads of snags as expected as it isn't finished but what concerns me is the garden. The end of the garden is connected to the properly which is a higher up the ground and the property to the left is a bit lower. This means the garden is not level or you could say a bit wonky.

Is there a standard they should meet?

I would have expected the garden to be flat and leveled on a new build. A landscaper could easily sort this out.

I plan to have a professional snagging once everything is ready.

We just about to exchange contracts.

Thanks for your help


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yes there is a standard if you have an NHBC warranted house

but essentially the ground to the garden will follow the general topography of the site

there is no requirement to provide you with a bowling ball lawn ( unless the site team have advised you that the garden would be level , and its not )

so go up into the bedrooms to rear and check the line of the fences and see whats happening