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Never Again

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We purchased a new Cala flat in 2005, shortly after this we noticed our floor was sagging in the middle causing our carpets to become wrinkled and subsequently we noticed over a period of months that we had increasing gaps appearing under our skirting boards and the gap between the bottoms of doors and the tops of carpets was increasing. This was 'cosmetically fixed' by Cala on 2 occasions and we had our entire floor propped up on another occasion and 3.5 years on the floor is still sagging. This is apparently the case in numerous flats in our development and also in similar Cala developments using the same structure. Cala homes allegedly don't know what's causing this deflection yet continue to use this build structure. Noone from the company is taking any interest in whether the deflection has stopped or not. The matter is now in the 'slow' hands of NHBC to resolve.

Anyone else experienced this?


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That's a sad story, Never Again. Many developing companies just don't have the balls to admit mistakes. I hope for you that NHBC will find a good solution soon.

I want to move

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Hi. Not sure if you are in the same building as me but would be interested in knowing more about this as I seem to have same problem. Convinced it is also affecting the sound proofing in the building too - not sure if you have same problem, especially "impact" sounds when neighbours move around?

I bought from original owner and not raised issue with Cala yet. If you can point me in right direction I would be grateful.