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Hi everyone,
I’m currently in the early stages of purchasing a new build property and have noticed within the property boundary there are 6 man hole covers. 4 are on the drive and 2 are quite close to the front door. I’m concerned that the drains of neighbouring properties run through/meet within my potential new property boundary and it is putting me off to some extent. I’ve tried to speak to the developer who keeps delaying calling me back, my solicitor doesn’t think it’s in his remit to investigate, the water company won’t speak to me as I’m not the legal owner of the property and neither with the NHBC so I’m a little stuck. I’d love to continue buying the house and would be devastated if it fell through however if my suspicions are correct that it’s highly likely to be a deal breaker. Would someone with more experience than me take a look at the pictures and give me a little advice? I would really appreciate it.

not sure if it’s required but it’s a 4 bed, 3 bathroom property built on farmland with grade 1 flood risk (low risk)

Many thanks



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hi tom

unless you are are the first house or last ....then youre likley to have some one else drains run trhough your gardens ....this is normal and easements will be made and accepted by your solicitor

you seem to have a lot ...are you on a corner plot ...where drains change direction