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Hello, I am new to the site - discovered it today! - and looking for some help/advice/constructive comments please.

I moved into my brand new top floor apartment in July built by Bloor homes. I am a first time buyer and really stretched myself to buy the apartment, I was so excited and was moving to a new area too so it was a fresh start. I paid an extra £5k ish for top floor. Over all, I haven't had much major snagging, just a couple little things that are and have been easily fixed. I am more than happy with how these small issues have been fixed.

My main issue however is now making me wish I had never seen the place...
I can hear every single footstep from the apartment below me, I get woken up all hours of the night and it vibrates through my apartment every minute she is awake. I feel like I am having to live my life around my neighbour and its really getting me down and I do actually hate her now even though I hardly know her. I did go and have a quiet word and politely said about the noise but she swears blind she is not stamping etc and because she does not hear me above her seems to think I am lying. Where do I stand with this? I called Customer Care who said they do not sound proof between floors, even so it doesn't sit right with me how noisy the footstep noises are. Surely it is not normal for this to be so loud from downstairs? I wish I had saved £5k and purchased her flat instead if she cannot hear any noises. There is a flat next to me that I hear no noise from, the ladies are very nice when I see them but don't speak English so I have been unable to ask them if they hear any sound from below them too. They also do not answer the door and have not responded to the note I put through so I think I have exhausted that avenue.
I've suffered with mental health issues for many years but I've really had enough now, I feel like I'm stuck in a noisy apartment for years to come and its really getting me down. If I could move I would but as a single person with one moderate wage I just cannot afford to. I'm genuinely afraid the constant noise (usually between 7am and 10pm) will tip me over the edge.

As a side note, I am aware I live in a block of 6 flats and therefore silence is not possible but I never would have expected noise to this level. I actually wish I had stayed in my mouldy rental flat instead...

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hi baz

wish i had a pound for every time this question came up ...and the answer is complex

but essentially they are correct there is no sound insulation between units , timber frame apts are worst affected ..concrete floor trad built apts tend to be better

the sound finds a way through many differing areas to transfer

the building regulations give give guidance on the levels that one might expect ....i can send you these and you can download a free app and check them on your phone ,its basic ...but a start

....and depending on the results you may need a specialist

but the problem is the requirements are so easy to meet and there are differing types of noise , and for most part your apt may be ok , there may be some noises that carry worse than other

factor in the floor coverings that your neighbours below might have also , and if you have soft or hard floor coverings as well ( carpets absorb a lot of transferred noise