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Discussion in 'NHBC' started by Peter Campbell, Jul 22, 2019.

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    My girlfriend and i bought our first home together in Nov 18.

    rolling it back a few weeks when we sat down with the sales lady to go through all the plans etc we had a few queries. On the legal drawings of the estate (next to our house) there was a bit of enclosed land with a couple of trees planted, this area wasnt shaded in green so the housing developer were not going to maintain this area. As this was next door to use (end cul-de-sac house) i said am i okay to maintain it (because i wouldnt want it overgrowing etc) she said she would look into it - a couple of docs later were the deed drawings of our house, where it showed we actually owned this area of land. This is where the nightmare started and the use of 'gifted land' by the developer.

    if this land is on the deed drawings, can this be gifted? and if not then why are the legal drawing of the estate not including this in our land? The developer moved the fence to the perimeter but left the shed plonked in the middle and left the 'gifted land' on a steep slope full of clay. I have made a complaint and after an extensive review they concluded because i had dug my garden they couldnt get a fair sample so stand by their decision. they've told me to contact NHBC

    many thanks for any advice.

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    not sure if the NHBC can help you on this , it sounds more like a job for your solicitor who did the transfer
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