Developer / NHBC warranty and soakaways

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    Hi, we're currently considering purchasing a newbuild home and are trying to ensure we're aware of potential pitfalls up front. No doubt we'll have missed some but we're trying! Our new home will have a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) in the rear garden - essentially a new form of soakaway. Whilst the property is freehold and hence the soakaway will belong to us, the maintenance of the soakaway will become the responsibility of a management company which will be owned by all residents on the estate. We have looked into the likely lifespan of the soakaway and have a pretty clear idea on the level of maintenance that will be required - and therefore what costs we are signing up to. However, everything we have read on SUDS says how important it is that they are installed correctly. If the soakaway needs maintenance or replacement, that will be the responsibility of the management company which is essentially us given the management company passes all costs on to the residents. However if any work required is purely because it has not been installed correctly we are trying to ascertain if that is covered under the developers guarantee for years 1-2 and NHBC warranty for the balance of the 10 year period. Can anyone advise if issues arising from incorrect installation of the soakaway are covered?
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    typically your NHBC WARRANTY will only cover your house ...and nothing else

    your solicitor will need to ensure that protection / provision is made for drainage and pumping systems

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