Defective roof foil installed. Discovered 12 years after built

Discussion in 'NHBC' started by Ann Wright, Nov 28, 2018.

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    Nov 28, 2018
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    Any advice would be appreciated.
    We bought an apartment off plan. The build was completed in 2006.
    We have had a couple of minor roof repairs in 2015 but recently top floor flat had leaking window. We have now been told a defective foil was used on our roof but we are outside the 10 year warranty. The fact it was defective on installation should mean it didn’t comply with building standards. Does anyone know where we would stand. Other points that we suspect are: the company who supplied the foil admitted it was defective about 2013/14 and advised their customers. We were not informed. I believe other buildings may have been rectified under their insurance. We would still have been within our warranty period but were not told and have just discovered the problem. This is a very expensive job to take the whole roof off so any advice or points would be appreciated ie legal or otherwise.
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    its a long shot but perhaps worth trying your warranty company , they my be aware of the issues and other claims on the development

    after that its a claim on your household insurance i would think .

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