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Has anyone ever received the £1000 reward for recommending a friend to buy from this company. Having done this on the Mayflower Green Estate, Saxmundham, we tried but failed to jump through all the hoops. Amongst other things, we were told we submitted the form too late. Notwithstanding we had never been given one. My impression of the scheme is that it appears to be a con. When I questioned the issues I was almost made out to be lying about the facts and this from a company who pride themselves upon customer care.

I will be posting other related matters, but for now I am interested to know if this is a common trait with this company who are part of Barratt Homes. If so other potential customers should be warned.


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We almost had this situation as we handed in the voucher 7 days later than we reserved. We pushed hard to get them to honour it, which they then did. I agree though, that it seems any excuse and they will render it null and void.