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Good evening,

My partner and I have been in our new build property since last november on a rent to buy scheme. Since we have moved in we have had no end of problems with damp/mould within the property. This has been reported to housing association who are the landlords, and in turn get on to Barretts to come and look at the problems. Everytime they have been they have simply said that there is nothing that they can do apart from us to clean it off and ensure that there is ventilation through the rooms, such as leaving the window vents open etc....
This has angered us a great deal as countless clothes have been ruined but also more worrying is the health of our 7 month old daughter.

It hasn't been too bad as late or so we thought! I have since came to re-decorate the lounge to find that a piece of our furniture has mould on the base and also I opened up my wardrobe to find one of my jackets sleeves is a quarter covered in mould. As you can imagine we are now wondering where else this has got to and also how this keeps happening. The housing association keep getting the site manager out but nothing in the past has been done to sort out the problem.

Does anyone know how else I can go about in sorting this problem or point me in the right direction on what to do. I am serious thinking in taking my jacket down to the Barretts site in the morning and going nuts!!!! Any advice would but be greatly welcome.

Thank you


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It sounds very much like you have isuues with interstitial condensatin that is directly related to standards and methods of heating, ventilating and insulating buildings.
I would avise that you have your Landlord involve the new home warranty provider at an early stage as this could manifest into more serious condensation/damp problems.




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I move into my new house in December, and although the build looks good, I'm preparing myself for the drying out period.

My plan is to keep all internal doors & cupboards open and then put the upstairs windows locked on the latch during the day. Heating on in the evening, and a small boost in the morning but off the rest of the time.

I'll keep all my furniture aware from walls, and allow air to circulate everywhere.

Other thing I could considering is a fan on a timer switch, leaving the extractor on during the day, and a dehumidifier. However, I honestly don't think I will need any of these things.

Chuck Sidfrum

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We have suffered (and researched and spoken with other home owners with same problem) visible mould in our new home.

Which some could be wiped off walls and not return, some kept returning, and some was tracked back to an exisiting faults that likely caused the issue (with exisiting fault fixed or prevented mould didn't return).

However I am not sure if some mould issues can be harder (or impossible) to see with the eye, but can be smelt.

Wardrobes fitted by builder, and done against external walls (no back to the wardrobe) have resulted in musty smells to cloths.

Two wardrobes are fine, two show the problem. The cloths now effected continue the musty smell, and repeated washing has not solved the issue, in putting those cloths with the other unaffected cloths the problem transfer to new adjacent cloths.

So we now have two wardrobes of cloths we don't use, that we consider damaged - and for which we do not know the cause, and if it's our fault or an issue with the build/wardrobes. And then two wardrobes of cloths that are fine and we continue to use and keep seperate.

Any ideas?
You need to raise this matter with NHBC
Beware of the respiratory problems with Damp.
You need specialist help. Try theexpertengineer.co.uk

Thermal Imaging inside can tell alot, like cold bridging & is unquestionable.

Good luck