Customer Service Gone After Exchange of Contract

Jon B

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Not Happy with Linden customer service, in the middle of purchasing a flat in Radstock. Very happy with the purchase until we exchanged then no contact, customer service even when I have complained. We have been asking to look around the flat again, i have been in and also phoned and they say they will get back to us. No Contact!!! More importantly the 3 story building has got no down pipes fitted and the rain is damaging the front of the building. The Sales assistant has refused to write my concerns in the diary and said they would get back to me after speaking to the site manager, No phone call. My wife has called the but no return phone call. The only thing I have out of them is that YOU HAVE EXCHANGED and things will be sorted on the hand over. But Damage is Being Done!!! Now!!!

Has anyone else experienced the same, come on Mr Richards please help!!!


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This just show how little housebuilders actually care about the homes they build and the service they give to their own customers.
Linden are behaving very badly. They know you cant really back out now.
You could be heading for a shed load of trouble so it is very important you get your home professionally snagged and inspected BEFORE you move in or legally complete.
Once Linden have all your money, you may find getting any faults, snags and major defects very difficult to get put right and there will be quite a few by the sound of it!