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    I paid 1000£ as reservation fee to start the process and brand new flat from developer Crest Nicholson.

    I must say that the developer proposed me 3 different solicitors to choose from to carry out the conveyancing however I decided to use an independent solicitor who does not have any relationship with the developer and it turned out to be a good decision considering the situation we are now.

    The Environmental Search failed and was referred to an opinion from a professional. This suggested FURTHER ACTION as the property may be in a contaminated land and in an area affected by radon gas.

    From the documents my solicitor found out that the planning permissions were granted after an appeal and subject to a list of conditions including contamination assessment and remedial work.
    The conditions mention a series of reports that must be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority, otherwise no development shall take place.

    Also the developer states that these New Homes are covered by the NHBC Buildmark. However no documentation was sent to us and they only provide it after exchange of contract...

    My solicitor raised many enquiries regarding the possible contamination issue and their solicitor refused to answer any questions. The claim that the documentation give is enough for the Buyer's need.

    Since our environmental search failed twice, it is clear that we must see what they have done to deal with the contamination problem as a whole , before exchanging

    my question is , it is legal that a solicitor refuses to reply to enquires raised by another solicitor? What do you think of this whole situation? I can see us not making any progress if they refuse to give us answers and documents. Of course if i withdrawn , i will lose the 1000£ reservation fee and I will also have to pay my solicitor fee! In addition I may not find another property within the stamp duty exemption deadline that is end of March!

    This situation is crazy and I am very concerned and the dream of my first flat is fading away...
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    I have replied on our Home Owner's Forum.
    Please do not duplicate specific forum posts.

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