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    So I've been in my property for 2 years and over time I have noticed the floor chipboard has started to become very creaky.

    It's not only audible in the rooms but the ceiling underneath multiple areas has developed creaking and cracking noises when people are above.

    I did report this to my shared ownership holder and have had the builders round to assess and screw some areas and have basically been told by both the builder and shared owner to seek advice from premier guarantee.

    I am out of the 1 year defect warranty period (but did report this problem during it) and have a 9 year structural warranty.

    Can I try and claim this as a structural fault as I also noticed the joists have "bounce" and feel undersized and could be adding to the creaky floors that have developed.

    I have also lifted the carpets to find mostly nails have been used to secure the floors. I'm not sure what the regulations are.

    I've read alot of people have this issue and I cannot believe that this is still allowed to happen.

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    If you can prove you reported it within the 2 year warranty period and you have a better warranty such as Nhbc... You may have a chance

    Make a claim and see what they say

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