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Hello All,

I moved into a 4 bedroom Barcelona type house which was built by Strata. We moved into this property in June 2016 it had been stood a good few months so had clearly been build in winter 2015 / 2016.

Since moving into this property we have had problems with cracking noises in the floors when you walk on them. It actually transpires however that it is the ceiling underneath that's causing the problems not the floors.

Unfortunately Strata homes didn't realise this at first and had been numerous times to take carpets up and screw floors down and it made no difference.

Then... one day they re-screwed all the ceilings from underneath and it solved the problems! For about a month... and then the cracking noises started again.

So...Strata came out again and re-screwed them again, albeit they told me they had done it a different way this time.

Guess what... It didn't work.

Noone seems to have a clue why the ceilings appear to be dropping.

To cut a very long story short I have managed to persuade Strata to fit resilient bars in the rooms, so far they have done one and its worked! There is a slight crack but it seems to have done the job 99%

They took the ceilings out, but bars and put fibreglass proofing in also before putting the new plasterboards up.

My only worry (as you can see from photos) there doesn't seem to be many screws to hold the bars up but the inform me they have done this correctly and to be fair other pictures on certain sites show the same process.

What's yours thoughts everyone? Anyone else had this problem? The bars make sense as they are creating a gap between the joists and the plasterboard. 2 other neighbours have had the same problems!

Have a look ay my pictures!




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floor problems

The fitting of resilient bars to solve the problem is somewhat new ...and the jury is still out on the longevity of the fix

Please let us know how you get on

Yes fixings could be more ...but time will tell
Let things settle and see what the change in seasons bring


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To give everyone an update on our situation. Strata homes have taken every ceiling out in the house and fit resilient bars across the joists. They have also layed fibreglass covering across the resilient bars. They have attached the plasterboard to the resilient bars and it has 100% cured the issue. The reason why it has cured the issue is that when they took the ceiling out you can see a slight bit of movement in the TJI joists when you knocked them gently. The resilient bars have clearly held the joists together more tightly which has solved the issues! Don't back down people, get your builders to fit resilient bars the way ours have! It worked!image1.jpg

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So the fibreglass is only an insulation and not sound proofing material?

Yes essentially the insulation is thier for its thermal effect will have some sound attributes but not much

They wrap insulation around waste pipes in boxwork to deaden the sound ....but it doesnt work !!!!


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Don't get your hopes up!!!

We had the resilient bars fitted just under a year ago, initially seemed quiet, slowly overtime the noises come back, they are back to the same level they were before all the ceilings were replaced!.

I'm convinced it's the I Beam joists, they are three sections glued together, I suspect it's the movement between the three glued sections that's the cracking noise, bracing the ibeams vertically between the top and bottom section may offer the solution to decrease any movement (stiffer section) but would be an expensive job!

When the builders don't have to live with it everyday it's not a big concern to them ....
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Out of curiosity... which way did they fit your bars? What direction?

They should be fitted at 90 degs to the existing IBeams, can't remember what spacing possibly 400mm or 600mm apart.

Keep an eye out for cracking too, we have noticed a few areas on boards joints which have cracked, the ceiling can now move more than before!
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Bit of a bugger isn't it. Loads of people have had bars and it's fixed it. Hope you get it sorted. What next for you?

Moving house!, we've lived here 2.5 years and it's just never going to get sorted!, nhbc don't appear to understand the issue, builders say it's not common, weve had all the 'fixes'. Unfortunately everything is built to absolute minimums, it shows a few years down the line too!