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Hi all other unfortunate Countryside Property buyers, I wander If any of you have had a similar experience.

We exchanged contracts on a new build apartment in September last year at the St Marys Island, Chatham Maritime site. Due to move in Febuary 2011. Our completion has been delayed every month since then, this time with 2 weeks notice.

I take on board that it was us who signed the contract, but had no idea that a delay could go on for so long and that we would have no rights whatsoever.

Countryside customer services on sight are so unhelpfull that even our surveyors for fitting new flooring are amazed that they have actually sold any properties and head office are equally arrogant at one stage informing us that they had our money (deposit) so there was nothing we could do.

I am keen to know if any-one else has had prolonged delays from this company and also to warn other buyers to beware Countyside!!!


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I found the lady in the show house very helpful. It's the so called customer service that you get afterwards that's the nightmare. Hopeless!

On site sales are always "helpful" as they lie, cheat and mislead buyers on the "journey to the new home dream"
They are selling you something that they get paid commission on.
They also need buyers to give them good references in the mystery shopping surveys etc too as their job depends on it.
Often buyers look on site sales advisors as friends, not realising the utter contempt ALL house builder's site staff have for those that buy their new homes.
Hard to believe......... but its true!