Could the builder not tested for asbestos?

Discussion in 'Snagging - general' started by LeahXL, Aug 27, 2019.

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    Aug 27, 2019
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    We have a builder in currently working on our ex-council house.

    It was built in the 1950s so we were always aware there 'could' be asbestos but were told that we didn't need to do a test.

    We had intentions of knocking an internal wall (which seemed to be a cold store/pantry type part of the property and we enlisted a builder from trusted trader.

    He has been brilliant so far, responds to all messages and requests and things have been cropping up as we go along.

    Last week, after plastering all of upstairs and removing all the tiles from the bathroom he knocked down the wall.

    A few days later the kitchen fitter went in (we are having a kitchen fitted by a local kitchen place) to look at the space and he mentioned that he thought he saw Asbestos. When he mentioned it, apparently the builder said he had tested it.

    I know that as part of his own checks he would have done a test but with the kitchen fitter being really experienced it has caused me concern and we have been going to the house to collect post and just see where he has got to.

    He has been brilliant so far but I did text him with no reply so the concern is growing.

    Is it too late for us to get our own survey done now he's already knocked walls down?
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    For peace of mind and because of changes in law when selling homes

    If you are aware of the existence of asbestos then you are obliged to say

    So bite the bullet and get it checked

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