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I have had an ongoing issue with Miller homes for over 3 years concerning levels of condensation. After getting nowhere I reported the issue to NHBC who attended my property today, along with Miller Homes reps who I was unaware were also attending. The opening gambit from NHBC was 'your policy doesn't cover condensation' ! I asked both NHBC and Miller what I should do about the 8inches of condensation on my windows and received the very technical response to leave my windows open. This defeats the purpose of the super efficient insulation we have and the fact its not particularly practical in the west of Scotland. Can anyone advise if I can take this anywhere else?


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Complaints about NHBC’s Claims serviceWe value the opportunity to investigateconcerns you may have about any aspectof our service and are committed tohandling all complaints thoroughly, fairlyand promptly.If you have a complaint about ourservice, or any company employed by us,please contact:Consumer Affairs teamNHBC, NHBC HouseDavy AvenueKnowlhillMilton KeynesBuckinghamshireMK5 8FPTel: 01908 746 121Email: remember to include your casereference number.The Consumer Affairs Manager willarrange for one of their staff toinvestigate your complaint and provideyou with a written decision. They will aimto provide a full response within20 working days, however, if this isn’tpossible they will keep you informed ofthe progress of their enquiries.In the unlikely event that they’re unableto resolve your complaint within 8 weeksfrom the date you notified them of yourconcerns, they will contact you againwith a further update.

Advice and guidance on how to avoid condensation and prevent its effects, including mould growth, can be found in our leaflets 'PDFs' and 'PDFs' and on page 6 of our 'Guide to your new home.' In most cases condensation is not due to a building defect and following these simple suggestions should solve the problem. If you have taken the measures described and the problems persist, please contact us for further advice


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Miller and the NHBC should be looking for the causes of the condensation.
It could be down to you, drying clothes indoors, not using extractor fans etc.
More likely is that you have a plumbing leak somewhere that is increasing the moisture in the air.
It should be checked out.