Concrete in Soil Stack Pipes

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    Hi All,

    I'm writing this on behalf of a friend. My friend and his partner have recently moved into a new build property. Within their first week of moving in, they noticed damp was occurring when they ran one of their showers. To cut a long story short, they had to move out for around a week as the soil stack was full of concrete (builder claimed sabotage), the hallway had to be dug up and so did the living room in order to replace the pipe. After that, they had to have the downstairs hallway and kitchen flooring replaced as the not only was it wrong in the first place, the downstairs toilet wasn't plumbed in and was leaking every time it was flushed, leaving carpet to be damaged and skirtings etc. I believe they are seeing a solicitor soon to find out what their options are and if they are due any compensation for the heartache this has caused them. Just wondering if anyone on here has had the same issue and if compensation was given? Many thanks in advance.
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    we have found all sorts of surprises hidden in pipes over the years ...and floors and lofts for that matter

    usually a result of contractors not getting paid and leaving surprises like bricks in the soil pipes etc

    its a good job you found as the soil material soon backs up ....ooohhhh very smelly

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