Completion achievable in 5 weeks from roof on??

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Hi All,

We are buying a part exchange house rather than a new build. We sold our house and are waiting in rented accommodation until our sellers can move out of their house and into their new build. We have all already exchanged contracts.

We were initially told end of Nov for completion. Now we have been advised that the build is at 41%, which we have been told is roof on stage. (I think the roof trusses went up in the last few days).

Please could someone shed any light on how likely they are to complete before xmas?
I'm guessing all builders/ tradesmen will stop for xmas break by 18th December??
Does this mean the CML check will need to be done 2 weeks before this?

So by my workings, they need to go from roof trusses on to finished in 5 weeks? Is that even achievable??

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards