Complaints Procedure in New Build - Non Existent

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Buying a house is your biggest investment but then when things go wrong ie plumbing, subsidence etc. there seems no one to turn to as the major housebuilders ignore the customer

The NHBC, Consumer Rights, Trading Standards, CAB, and even the Health & Safety Executive do not want to know

If you have a Bryant Home/Taylor Wimpey home and experiencing this problem take a look at - the chap there has a solicitor who is willing to act for FREE if they can get more than 20 complainants

There is no Omnibusman for your biggest expenditure - disgraceful

Buyer beware


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Thanks for letting us know Gzmo.

We are in the process of going through completion for our Bryant homes house in Hedgley court, South tyneside.

So far Taylor Wimpey has been OK with us. The sales lady has also been pleasant to deal with.

My only concern is that we are completing as well as getting our "familiarization visit" on the same day.

So litterally we are paying for a house even before viewing it !

We can't hold back on the completion as their solicitor could charge us a penalty and we don't want to be in breach of contract.

Anyway, lets hope everything would be OK and the house won't have too many snags or any at all !

Will keep you all updated on how things go.


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Actually I previously lived in a Wimpey home for years and was extremely happy - this house I bought off plan and all was fine except for a few minor issues - then we had 4 leaks - it is not so much the leak itself - as these things can happen it is the way that it has been handled. It is now almost 8 months later and they are still disputing that I had the clothes that I had etc etc. The stress and over 50 emails not to mention all the phone calls that have been ignored is a like a really bad nightmare.

They need to rectify how they handle problems and put in a proper policy or at least fulfill their customer charter

I now have spoken to so many people now that are going through similar or actually worst senarios than me

If you do have problems you need to take pictures and also record all conversations in retrospect this is what I should have done but its all in hindsight now

I hope all goes well with you and you do not experience any issues - I hope you enjoy your new home

Best wishes


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I too am finding the same thing no one wants to know, the after service care is shocking and so wrong there is no ombudsman to go to