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So here is my story....

We moved in July 2010 to our new house. As the colder weather approached, we discovered that we had no heating on our top floor of our 3 storey house. Taylor Wimpey advised us that there was nothing wrong with the heating and it was the way it was zoned. I was unhappy with this response, and asked for a plumber to come out to have a look. On further inspection just a few days prior to Christmas, the plumber quite rightly discovered that there was no heating and supplied us with a wireless thermostat for use on our top floor. We persevered with the new controls until we got to a stage where we could just not regulate the temperature in the house. I then discovered that the whole house had been zoned incorrectly by speaking to other residents who had bought the same house type.

To cut a long story short, after 2 years the independent control ceased to work. Taylor Wimpey would no longer accept responsibility so we had no choice but to call out their plumbers one very cold weekend where we had no heating on our top 2 floors. The plumber discovered that the valve that opens the heat controls had failed. He showed us how to work around this then quickly went when he discovered we were out of our warranty.

Following on from this, many many months later, we had the manager of the plumbing firm come to visit to only discover that indeed the house had been plumbed incorrectly and in fact, the thermostat for our second zone had not even been wired in. These issues as well as the broken valve, he stated 'I cannot believe how you managed to live like this' He inspected the house and over the course of 7 months, he managed to get the right people in to put the house back to how it should have been. 25 holes in our ceilings later, we were back in business, and with working thermostats.

When approaching taylor wimpey for compensation, they initially offered a sum of £150. At the same time, I had found out that they had also offered someone £500 as they had been without the use of their balcony for 9 months. How heating and a balcony is comparable I will never know. Compo has since been upped to £500, but I do not believe this to be a fair payment for what we have suffered. Am I being unreasonable to ask for more. What advice would people give on this matter?


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"we discovered that we had no heating on our top floor of our 3 storey house"

Even after two years, provided the defect was reported to Taylor Wimpey within the first two years and not properly fixed, you are still covered by the warranty and Taylor Wimpey are still responsible. If they wont sort it then the NHBC will step in.

Regarding the level of compensation, it is what Taylor Wimpey are prepared to pay.
No compensation is payable under the warranty and most housebuilders only pay the £500 unless you have to move out of your home.

This is why we need an independent New Homes Ombudsman.
I take it you have signed the Petition that will help it happen?