Comment on Barratt Homes Fraud by JS


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Please do not confuse my reply as a marketing exercise that, is in no way my intention but, having worked as a site inspector / clerk of works in social housing for over sixteeen years, previously working as a Carpenter and Joiner, progressing to a Senior site manager and then becoming a contracts manager, I am at a complete loss in understanding why the units that I hand over to the various RSL's compared to the quality of those being offered to private purchasers differ so much?

'Build-quality' is not rocket science, new-build properties are either finished to the correct standard or they are not and having been asked by various contractors in the past to undertake the snagging and de-snagging of their 'private' dwellings along with the rented and shared ownership units that I generally snag for the Housing Groups and Associations, the resulting quality supervision has proved very sucssesful in reducing end user complaints.

Overseeing build-quality throughout all key-stages of construction is of paramount importance and assists the site management teams and the purchasers greatly by lending an extra pair of experienced eyes to ensure good build quality throughout i.e. attending to noted defects as and when they are discovered instead of racing to complete once the units have been sold.

The sooner Contractors appoint site inspectors to undertake quality inspection, the better!


It is a cause of significant frustration that social housing is often finished to a higher standard than new properties for private buyers. The industry has had ample opportunity to address this, but has failed. Legislation is required to improve consumer protection.

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