Comment: ITV Homes from Hell Needs You by Serena Lister


Hi, We bought our house in Nov 2008 after just getting married, it was suppose to be our dream 3 story home, it has turned out to be our worst nightmare, the problems began the first day we moved in, no central heating working, no oven working, no fires working, when the heating was fixed, 2 baths, and 3 showers leaked dripping into spotlights damaging 3 ceilings, our baths and showers leaked due to not being connected up,live wires were left under the kitchen units which could of killed me when moping up. Our extractor fans was omitting all fumes in our bedroom, bathroom floor tiles unlevel and cracked, toilets not working, no insulation in our bedroom, render falling off outside , basically, there was something wrong in nearly all of our rooms. The company who first developed the houses went bust, another firm called wolsley, bought them, they put most of the problems right for us, but with ongoing problems keep occuring, they refused to repair everything, leaving the render and the insulation unrepaired, they have since gone bust, we are now left with an unsightly house with render falling off everyday, and a freezing cold bedroom, which will shortly in 10 days have a newborn baby in. Have been intouch with the NHBC, they were going to do the rendering and insulation, but they have now refused, due to the builders going bust and not renewing with them. Hope you might be able to help with any ideas?

ITV Homes from Hell Needs You by Serena Lister
Provided the development was completed, the NHBC guarantee is independent of the contractor.

Hence the solvency of contractor is irrelevant.

3. I have been in my new home for 18 months and notified my builder of some faults with the home. Who will fix them if they go out of business?
Under Buildmark, the builder is responsible to put right any items reported in the first two years that do not comply with NHBC requirements. If the builder becomes insolvent, NHBC will meet the cost of any work the builder is liable for under this part of the cover.

I hope this helps.

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