Comment: ITV Homes from Hell Needs You by mac housley


my mother had dementia and had to be looked after 24/7 in a special care home, to help with the cost of this we rented out mothers house through an established agent, the tenents were on benefit and the rent was paid for the first five months and then they simply recieved the rent and spent it, it was only when we asked the agent why the money hadn’t been paid to our account that we saw how much in arrears they were, we took out a section 21 and after 5 months without payment they left the property, we have taken out ccj’s against them, in the meantime the local council declared that they had made themselves intentially homeeless and therefore could not offer them accomodation, we have since found out they have been rehoused and they still owe £2250 rent arrears plus £650 for damages they caused to the property. i asked the housing department what action they could take to recover the money paid to the tenants, their reply was-NOTHING- as it was the governments policy to pay the tenants direct, to give them more responsibility, we are still chasing them through the courts.

ITV Homes from Hell Needs You by mac housley
Dear Mac

You will have issue with the agent.

It is their responsibility to pay you the rent.

They should have notified you immediately that rent stopped.

Most offer within their service an insurance that you get your rent.

Check that out.

By the way, LHA are useless, they hide behind all legislation, to be as inneffective as possible.

But after 8 weeks of arrears the rent should have been paid direct to you. Hence again a useless agent.

Good luck.