Comment: ITV Homes from Hell Needs You by James Gardiner


In Oct 2008 I bought a house for £291K. At the time of purchase it was awaiting a completion certificate therefor my solicitor withheld £5K until the issue of this in December. This certificate gave me permission to run the house as a B & B. Very shortly after I started business I knew there was a problem with drainage (blockages & smell). Finally in July of 2009 I had raw sewerage flowing through my airing cupboard & flooding our own bathroom.I called out the drainage experts with Jetting & cctv equipment. What they found was horrifying. The drainage pipe we had been using in the owners bathroom for so many months was not even connected. This meant that all the waste & waste water from there had been deposited under the dining room floor. They also found that the developer had not followed the plans for the drainage route. Instead of running the pipes around the perimiter of the house they had buried them under the house ,which sits on a concrete base. Also there is no rodding eyes or manholes installed. Every day I have Guests I have to purge each W C on a daily basis with gallons of water just to keep them from blocking up. The only means of clearing the drains is to remove the W C & jet the drains from inside the house.I have had quotes for remedial work to be carried out. (£45,000) It will also mean I have to completely close my B & B for approx 12 weeks.

ITV Homes from Hell Needs You by James Gardiner