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We’ll have been in our Charles Church Grosvenor property in Great Park (Nirth East) 2 years at the end of August 2018, I’ve tried to push even harder on our outstanding snags since January time, but still have about 6 jobs remaining. One of these is now not going to be completed according to the Customer Care manager, even though when I looked back it was signed off by the site manager as an outstanding job on our key release form, a copy of which I still have. Also, they recently repainted our front door, ended up wrecking the lock and a new lock had to be fitted. I had to have 2 additional keys cut and have sent them the bill for this, only £10, but it’s just the principle of the matter. Silence as usual and never any reply to emails. Phoning, when you get through, doesn’t get you anywhere either, just empty promises of jobs being chased. Does anyone have any advice for me on any of this - #frustrated.

Steve the para

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If you are still within the 2 year builders liability period and have reported the problem

And the issue is a credible breach of warranty standards then you can make a claim for arbitration with your warranty company if you have an nhbc warranty ...if you have one of the others it may be more difficult

Call them ...ask thier advice