Charles Church new build leasehold house - buying freehold after 2 years

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DISCLAIMER: I'm fully aware of Charles Church's (Persimmon) reputation surrounding build quality and aftercare as well as the pitfalls of leasehold houses, so please only comment specifically on my questions.

I'm currently interested in a new build house despite the fact that it's from Charles Church and it is being sold as a leasehold. The main overriding factor was the location so I'm willing to take a chance on this. Before I commit to this though I'd appreciate if anyone has any insight into my questions below

1. How is the process like to buy the freehold after 2 years? If you've done this before specifically with Charles Church, I'd love to hear your experience around this.

2. Besides the actual cost of the freehold, what other costs are there with regards to buying the freehold (ie, leaseholder's AND freeholder's solicitors costs, surveyor costs)?

3. Anyone successfully negotiated additional clauses in the leasehold agreement at the beginning/middle of the buying process to protect themselves?

4. Anyone successfully negotiated a change to freehold instead of leasehold at the beginning/middle of the buying process?
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