Charles Church - Anything Good to say? Also help with photos of the Oxford

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So, in our local area Charles Church have building a new development of about 90 houses. We really like the look of the properties/area and are considering moving it forward.

However, reading around the trust pilot reviews are split with a very negative opinion. I understand also, people tend to complain on the internet rather than praise. That is not to stop them being any less valid, but I wonder if anyone has had good experiences?

Also the house we are looking at has very few (1!) kitchen photo and I am struggling to see how much space we realistically have with it.

Has anyone bought a Charles Church Home with a good review (how did that play out) and can anyone provide a better photo of how the "The Oxford" kitchen may look. (I don't use FB so can't ask groups from there)


Sophie Libor

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I did. I was looking for a home to purchase, and after some research, I found about Charles church homes. I was skeptical, but after speaking with a representative from, I've become more convinced that this type of home will suit me. Anyway, if you want to purchase Charles church, I recommend you visit the houses personally to see if the house will suit your needs. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. If there is anything else I can help you with, feel free to text me.
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